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UEF consists of 25 member organisations that are autonomous centres of the UEF activities, reaching the EU citizens and spreading the federalists' message to them by organising various activities in their countries. They are free to take up any activities within the general political framework of UEF at the European level. The elected and nominated representatives of these sections gather twice a year during the UEF Federal Committee to determine the UEF political direction and activities.

If you are interested in joining UEF in your country, find out more about  the existing national sections and how to contact them on this page. If your section does not appear in the list, you can also become a member at the European level.


Europäische Föderalistische Bewegung Österreich

Founded in Austria in 1955 as the European Federalist Movement (EFB), Austrian federalists campaign in the conviction that only a united Europe, based on the idea of unity in diversity and shared sovereignty, can overcome the crises of our continent and unite the states in peace.

Lukas Mandl
Eva Lichtenberger
Philipp Agathonos
Julia Newland

Lassingleithnerplatz 2/3
A - 1020 Vienna
Tel: +43 599 50



Union of European Federalists Belgium

UEF-Belgium is a member of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), founded in Paris in 1946 and counting thousands of members in most European countries. After a long experience as a de facto association, the UEF-Belgium has been legally constituted as an ASBL (non-profit association), UEF-Belgium since 9 May 2000. encourages the construction of a democratic political union at EU level. It contributes to the construction of a Europe organized according to the federal model, allowing the Union to play a key role on the international scene while respecting the principle of subsidiarity. privileges the values ​​of peace, democracy and solidarity. It advocates for a European construction based on an ever closer union between peoples, welcoming the plurality of cultures and traditions. It supports a Europe where the institutions implement coherent and integrated policies, in a transparent, comprehensible and accessible way for all citizens. wants the establishment of a federal Constitution that guarantees the democratic and efficient functioning of the EU.

Michele Ciavarini-Azzi
Domenico Rossetti

Square de Meeûs 25,
1000 Bruxelles,




UEF Bulgaria's foundation dates back to 2002. It is based on general principles and aims of the UEF. Through seminars, debates, discussions and international conferences Union of European Federalists in Bulgaria aims to familiarize citizens with the idea of European federation. Its priority is an active partnership with citizens and organisations who are interested in the future of Europe.

Since 2009, Andrey Kovatchev MEP is the president of the UEF Bulgaria. Between March 2011 and November 2018 Andrey Kovatchev also served as Vice-President of the Union of European Federalists.

Andrey Kovatchev
Velko Ivanov

10 Narodno Sabranie Sq.,
room 30
jBG - 1000
+359 2 987 22 85
+359 2 987 22 85



Unie evropských federalistů v ČR

The Union of European Federalists in the Czech Republic organizes regular sessions in the Senate - upper chamber of the Czech Parliament - with personalities of the political and economic spheres in the country.

Main concerns and goals of the organisation:

  • to bring the interest of ordinary citizens to EU affairs and their fundaments in order to understand common European principles and interests;
  • to make Europe act in the Global policies;
  • to establish the European Ministry of Finance as an essential point to avoid the next crisis in any Eurozone Member State without necessity of changing Treaties;
  • to establish one executive head of the European Union;
  • make the European sustainable political space via promoting Transnational election's lists of candidates to the European Parliament, media etc.

Ivo Kaplan

Na Belidle 10
CZ - 150 00 Praha
+420 777 177 889




The Cyprus European Federalist Movement was founded in 2004, is independent from political parties and follows its targets with full independence. Its role is to act as an organisation that promotes collaboration between the people of Europe that believe in Democracy, by organising open discussions that refer to the political context of the European Federation. Its also targets the promotion of friendship, togetherness and intellectual communication between the members and also friends of the organisation. Lectures, discussions, dinners, excursions and/or other events are used as means of communication.

Andreas Neokleous

Blue Diamond Court 128, Grivas Digenis str.
1st Floor – Office 12
3101 Limassol – Cyprus
P.O.BOX 53670




UEF-Finland was established in 2007. It works closely together with JEF-Finland and European Movement Finland, offering debates and intellectual food of thought on federalism and Europe. UEF-Finland is at the moment small, but lively in its debates about the future of Europe, federalism and on topics touching supranational democracy. UEF-Finland has published a pamphlet "Federalism. Now" and organises debating events on issues touching the topics at our interest.

Verena Kaun
Iida Laurila

c/o European Movement in Finland
Eteläranta 10
Tel: +358 40 750 1610



UEF France

The french section of UEF, was founded in 1946. Each regional section of UEF France has its own agenda of activities ranging from public meetings to special information and educational initiatives. For example , the Ile de France section is developing a program of information on federalist history, principles and fundamentals. The Rhone-Alpes section organizes a “Fall Academy” with regional politicians, academics, and representatives of civic society.

Chloé Fabre
Loris Birkemeyer
Luc Landrot
Jean-Francis Billion

Union des Fédéralistes Européens - France (UEF-France)
c/o Maison de l'Europe et des Européens
13, Rue de l'Arbre Sec
F-69001 Lyon
+33/0 472 07 88 88



Europa-Union Deutschland

Europa-Union Deutschland (EUD) is the largest citizens' initiative for Europe in Germany committed to European integration since 1946. It is actively involved in European civil society issues and promotes European identity and the concept of a federal Europe at local, regional, national and European level. It has 17,000 members in 16 regional sections with about 250 local groups. Since 14 June 2007, EUD is also present in Brussels where it unites Germans working in European affaires in the “EUD Brussels” section (see

Rainer Wieland
Christian Moos

Europa-Union Deutschland e.V.
Chausseestr. 84
10115 Berlin
Tel: +49-30-9210140 00



UEF Greece-ΕΕνΟΕ ( Ελληνική Ένωση για την Ομοσπονδία της Ευρώπης)

The online regular General Assembly of UEF Greece (EEnOE), which took place virtually on 16December 2022, elected a new seven-member Executive Board : Daphne Gogou, Theodoros Tsikas, Neophytos Aristodemou, Venetia Koussia, Sofia Apostolidou, Eleni Chytopoulou, Elena Janniki.

You can find more about UEF Greece and our actions at

Daphne Gogou
Theodoros Tsikas
Neophytos Aristodemou
Secretary General



Európai Föderalisták Uniója - Magyaroszág Egyesület

UEF Hungary was established in 2013. As a part of a pan-European federalist civil movement and as a cross-parties association, UEF Hungary brings together those Hungarian and European citizens who are ready to strive for building up a federal Europe. UEF Hungary provides a common platform for those Hungarian and European citizens who can and will engage themselves for democracy, and who are ready to create and contribute to contructive discussions on the topics of federalism.

The main goal of UEF Hungary is to stimulate the debate on major issues and challenges related to an ever closer European integration through conferences, seminars, training programs. More specifically, this imply:
- Participating and representing the Hungarian federalists in political events, meetings of civil groups and clubs and in the media, in order to raise awareness and build consesus on federalist goals;
- Giving lectures in schools and universities on the role of Europe in the world, on European citizenship, on European governance, and on new global challenges such as the environment, energy, common security policy, etc.;
- Strengthening the section from both a political and organisational point of view at local level;
- Meeting the aspirations of citizens and civil society in order to encourage their active contribution to the "European project";
- Following closely EU related news and taking a stance on current issues by producing position papers, press releases, articles and analysis in the media, informing the public via the website, via Twitter UEF Hungary and Facebook (Európai Föderalisták Uniója Magyarország);
- Creating a synergy with other civil society organizations and all kind of political parties working towards a more integrated Europe.

Eszter Nagy


Movimento Federalista Europeo - MFE

The UEF Italy (Movimento Federalista Europeo - MFE) within the framework of the UEF conducts the fight for the European Federation. It is also member of World Federalist Movement (WFM). Currently, the MFE has 109 sections spread over the country and about 3 500 members. The Italian section is very actively involved in the implementation of the Campaign for the European Federation and in several other actions. For an always updated list of the many activities brought forward by our members please refer to the MFE's social media accounts and website.

Stefano Castagnoli
Luisa Trumellini

Movimento Federalista Europeo
Via Villa Glori, 8
I – 27100 Pavia
+39 0382 530045



UEF Kosovo

It is the European values that drive UEF’s mission and the same ones that have been enshrined in Kosovo’s society. It is this small country in Europe that since it got its freedom back in 1999 has continuously shown its pro-European values, which are now serving as the driving force of UEF Kosova.

The UEF Kosova section has been relaunched in May 2022, while being based on the vision of being a common platform that will serve the citizens that are willing to fight for the federalist values. This sectio has been accepted as part of UEF in July 2022. Since 2022, the following structure serves as the leadership of UEF Kosova:

Emrush Ujkani
Era Jashari
Rina Mehana
Secretary General
Granit Terrnava
Board member
Alban Kryeziu
Board member



Europos federalistai Lietuvoje

UEF Lithuania was established on 3 February, 2012 (official press release) and since 13 April 2013 is a member of the UEF. Its main goal is to advance the federalist agenda and promote pro-European debate in Lithuania. UEF Lithuania strives to become a significant voice in the wider public debate in Lithuania about Europe and Lithuania's place in it.

UEF Lithuania is committed to the following activities to advance its objectives:

  • to inform the Lithuanian society about the ideas of European federalism and the importance of united Europe;
  • to participate and induce discussions on the place and role of Lithuania in EU;
  • to spread written and verbal information related to its activities; to promote values, objectives and tasks of UEF Lithuania;
  • to organize meetings, trainings, seminars, conferences, public actions and other kind of events;
  • to publish periodical and/or occasional papers related to the relevant topics of UEF Lithuania;
  • to provide policy suggestions for institutions and organizations, which deal with issues relevant to the promotion of European federalism;
  • to represent members of UEF Lithuania and cooperate with national and international organizations, which share similar ideas and objectives.

Dr Klaudijus Maniokas
Laura Tatarėlytė

J.Savickio 11-1
01108, Vilnius
Tel: +37052396660



Information about the section will be added soon!

Alain Calmes
Chiara Cipolletta



UEF Crna Gora - Union of European Federalists Montenegro

UEF in Montenegro, with headquarters in Podgorica, was established in August 2011 to gather citizens who wish to contribute to the promotion of European and democratic values in Montenegro and support European integration process with the goal of obtaining a full-time membership of Montenegro in the European Union, as well as encouraging public debate on the political content of the European Union and the creation of the European Federation. During the Federal Committee on 13 April 2013 the UEF unanimously voted for the UEF Montenegro as a full member of the Union of European Federalists.

Ljubomir Filipovic
Marija Blagojevic

Trifuna Djukica 3,
81 000 Podgorica,
+382 68 23 08 33
+32 496 305 912



Union of European Federalists in North Macedonia

The new organisation in North Macedonia was established on 24 April 2019 and had already a series of events to support the accession process of Republic of North Macedonia into the European Union and promote further European integration. Petar Bogojeski has been elected President and Sasho Lazarovski has been elected Secretary General. The new organisation is organising a large public event with national political personalities on 14-15 December in Skopje. UEF in North Macedonia have been formally accepted as candidate sections by the Federal Committee of the UEF meeting in Rome on 23-24 November.

Petar Bogojeski
Sasho Lazarovski

Mito Hadzivasilev-Jasmin 161/16,
1000 Skopje,
North Macedonia
+389 71 305 030
+389 75 250 186



Obecnie trwają przygotowania do podjęcia próby reaktywacji polskiego oddziału Unii Europejskich Federalistów. Zapraszamy stowarzyszenia, fundacje oraz wszystkich, którzy pracują w szeroko rozumianej tematyce europejskiej do przyłączenia się do tej inicjatywy i kontakt pod adresem



Federalistas Europeus - União dos Federalistas Europeus em Portugal

UEF Portugal has recently relaunched ae status as a new section of the Union of European Federalists. The group is happy to welcome new members and invites interested parties to make contact by email:
The organization aims to promote the establishment of a European Federation by working to:

  • encourage and inform the public on Federalism and its applicability in European context;
  • foster debate and discussion on the standing of Portugal within the European Union;
  • promote awareness about European matters, European ideals and values, the history of European integration, and to introduce to the public opinion the prospect of European-wide federalist policies and solutions;
  • cooperate with other non-profit organizations, related to the field of European matters, in Portugal and in Europe

Filippe Henriques
David Crisóstomo



UEF Romania (Uniunea Europeană Banat din România – UEBR), founded in 1995 and relaunched in 2007. European Union Organization Banat in Romania promotes communication between the Romania and European Union, from the perspective of the country joining the EU. It actively organizes seminars, conducts studies and researches on European integration and other European issues.

Ana Maria Strain
Lia Lucia Epure



Evropski federalisti - UEF Serbia

UEF Serbia was established on May 2, 2009 and was unanimously accepted as full member of the UEF on October 30, 2010 during the UEF Federal Committee meeting in Brussels. It gathers citizens who wish to contribute to the promotion of European and democratic values in Serbia, European integration in order to achieve full membership of Serbia in the European Union. Currently, UEF Serbia has one regional and two local boards, and more than 50 members.

Jelena Babić
LDanijela Božović

Sarajevska 40/55
11000 Beograd,



Únia európskych federalistov

Únia Európskych Federalistov founded in 2013, is independent from political parties. Its role is explain and spread the idea of strong, influential and united Europe. It also aims to push forward thoughts of the reinforcment of the role of national parliaments in decision-making procedures in the European Union and reinforcement of the European Parliament. Through organisation of events, presentation of opinions via media and social networks, they promote the concept of the European federation.

Tomáš Weissensteiner
Milan Polešenský

Romanova 42,
851 02 Bratislava,
Tel +421 908 655 639
Fax +421 2 5464 0126




Our Slovenian section is currently inactive. If you wish to take part to UEF Slovenia, please contact the UEF secretariat.



UEF Spain

The Union of Europeanists and Federalists of Spain (UEF - Spain) is a non-partisan political association that seeks to progressively engage citizens in Spain in the work for a European and World Federation, an authentic key to achieving the utopia of a humanity living without the threat of poverty and war.

In 2012, several groups of federalist and pro-European activists came together to relaunch the European federalist project in Spain. In November 2013, at the UEF European Congress in Berlin, UEF - Spain was recognised as a full member. Since this moment, the organisation has managed to quickly establish a strong federalist network across Spain with sections in Andalucía, Asturias, Canarias, Castilla y León, Catalunya, Comunidad Valenciana, Comunidad de Madrid, Euskadi, Galicia, and other locations to work towards a federal Spain in a federal Europe.

UEF Spain is also a member of the World Federalist Movement (WFM), as we believe that international intergovernmental organisations are not enough to ensure peace and cooperation between sovereign states.

The Federal Council of UEF Spain is led by the former European Parliament President, Enrique Barón Crespo, current UEF President.

Enrique Barón Crespo
Alejandro Peinado García
Carme Valls Llobet
Gloria Vara Giner




UEF Sweden (candidate section) is currently growing. If you are interested in taking part in the creation of this section, please get in touch here .



European Movement Switzerland

The European Movement Switzerland (Europäische Bewegung Schweiz / Movement européen Suisse / Movimento europeo Svizzera) is an independent political organization. Its vision is the creation of a European federation based on the values of democracy, peace, human rights and rule of law, subsidiarity, social justice and the protection of the environment. It promotes political, economic and cultural cooperation in Europe.

The European Movement Switzerland’s goal is the accession of Switzerland to the European Union. It therefore supports political initiatives aimed at deepening Switzerland's European integration and strengthening the awareness of European belonging. It is committed to a rapid accession, as this is the only way for Switzerland to participate actively and to co-decide in a sovereign manner in the framework of European cooperation. The European Movement Switzerland is both the Swiss section of the Union of European Federalists and the European Movement International.

Eric Nussbaumer
Raphaël Bez

European Movement Switzerland
Scheibenstrasse 29
CP 481
CH - 3000 Berne 22




The Federal Union’s activities concern the continuation of relationships with international organisations promoting Federalism and good governance, including the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and the World Federalist Movement (WFM). The Federal Union makes contributions towards the running costs of these organisations and committee members regularly attend the conferences and events which they organise. Our sister organisation in the United Kingdom, the Federal Trust, organises regular events on current political topics, in particular relating to the European Union.

Mark Paterson
Brendan Donnelly



The UEF Groupe Europe is a member of the international UEF and gathers MEPs, EU officials, interns, and other staff of the institutions and organs of the European Union.
We wish to promote within and outside the European institutions the constitution of a federal Europe that speaks up worldwide for the values of peace, democracy, solidarity, justice, tolerance, and the respect of of international law, and implement policies that are integrated, consistent, transparent, and close to the citizens.
We aim at stimulating and opening the debate on the major issues and current events of the European integration, in close synergy with political actors and the organisations of the civil society.

Jacques Santer
Honorary President
Alain Lamassoure
Honorary President
Richard Corbett
Honorary President
Catherine Vieilledent

UEF - Groupe Europe
c/o UEF European Secretariat
Rue d'Arlon 53
1000 Brussels


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